WritingKittens.com Disclaimer

WritingKittens.com is committed to a fully open relationship with its customers. On our site, you will find a Terms and Conditions Agreement and several other policies which describe our operations and our responsibilities to our customers. As well, these policies include responsibilities that customers have as they do business with us. We strongly urge you to read through our policies so that you understand how we do business and serve our customers professionally and ethically.

This document, the Disclaimer, outlines obligations of both the Company and the customer and defines those areas for which the customer must assume responsibility in order for the Company to do its job. Failure to live up to these outlined responsibilities relieves the Company of its obligations to meet deadlines and to provide other services for which it needs customer action.

When you place your first order with WritingKittens.com, you are bound by the terms of this Disclaimer. If you have any questions about any of the terms or provisions, please contact customer support for further explanation.

How You Use Products That Result From Our Consultative Services

You may only use the products that result from our services for personal purposes. You may not lend, share, sell, or in any way distribute work that results from our services with any person or entity. Should you choose to do so and there are consequences, the Company is not responsible.

When You Must Cancel an Order

You may cancel an order at any time, but you should do so as soon as possible. If your consultant has already begun to work for you, you refund will be pro-rated based upon the amount of work already accomplished. Full refunds can only be granted when no work has begun.

Providing Contact Information

It is critical that you provide accurate methods of contact, including an email address that you will check often and a working phone number. We will generally contact you through your account page and email, but, if an emergency should arise, we will need to call you.

If you fail to provide us with accurate contact information, work for you may be delayed, and the Company is not liable for the results of such delays.

Accuracy of Order Form Completion

You will find a number of fields to complete on our order form. It is imperative that you fill in each one with as much detail as possible, so that we may assign the right consultant to your project. Of particular importance is a detailed nature of your project, your academic level, and your deadline requirement. If any of these are incorrect and we assign a consultant incorrectly, there will be extra charge involved to alter the order form instructions and assign the correct consultant. We urge you to double check the order form before submitting it and to check the details of your order again when you receive your order confirmation by email. The Company is not responsible for errors on the order form.

If you have specific instructions or needs that are not “covered” by the order form, please contact Customer Support to discuss those details. We want to be certain that you receive the right professional with whom to work.

When Resources are Required

If your project requires resource materials, you have two options. Your consultant can locate the appropriate resources for you or you may provide them for your consultant to review and use. If you are providing the resources for your consultant, there is a deadline for uploading them that you must meet, as follows:

  • Deadline of 2-14 days – upload resource materials within 8 hours of order
  • Deadline of 12-24 hours – upload resource materials within 1 hour of order
  • Deadline of less than 12 hours – upload resource materials with 20 minutes of order

If you require resources that you do not have and that can only be obtained on a fee-basis, we will order those resources, but you must remit payment for them. Your consultant will not begin any work until that payment has been made.

Failure to get resource materials uploaded on time or failure to remit payment for fee-based resources will delay work on your project, and the Company is not responsible for that delay.

Requesting Revisions

If you and your consultant have completed a project and you discover that you are not fully satisfied with any part of it, you are welcome to request revisions. You may request those on your personal account page, or by contacting Customer Support. In general, revisions that do not change your original order are free of charge. We do have a Revision Policy published on our site – please review this policy so that you understand all of it provisions.

Payment for Services

WritingKittens.com takes all major credit cards as well as PayPal and wire transfers/e-checks for payment. Payment is expected at the time of order submission if you want us to move forward and locate your personal consultant. Sometimes a bank will request proof of identity before approving a payment. When this happens, we will contact you right away and ask for a picture of a government-issued photo ID. You must get that over to us immediately (fax, screen shot, etc.) or you order may be delayed. If you fail to send the identification over quickly, your order may be delayed and the Company is not responsible for this delay.

No consultant will be assigned and no work will begin until payment is made. If you delay in making payment, your deadline may be impacted and we are not responsible.


WritingKittens.com does not condone, support, or in any way provide consulting services that would result in plagiarism. No project/product on which our consultants work will ever contain plagiarized content – we can guarantee it because we check.

Technical Problems

Power outages, server and browser shut-downs, Internet difficulties, and communication problems can occur on rare occasions. These are totally beyond the control of the Company and the Company is therefore not responsible for any delays that may result.


We understand that you have a deadline to meet, and your consultant will meet that deadline with you, provided that you have met your obligations. If deadlines are missed, it is usually because a customer has failed to respond to requests for information, payment, or to messages which we have sent. The company is not responsible in these circumstances. On very rare occasions, a consultant may have an illness or emergency and we will need to assign a new consultant to work with you. If this delays completion of your project, you will receive a partial refund and a discount on your next order.

WritingKittens.com Customer Support

Our customer support desk is open 24/7 and will quickly respond to any issues or questions you may have. Contact information for this department is published on the site – phone number, email address and live chat. Existing customers may also contact customer support via their personal account pages.

Legal Concerns

We are licensed to do business within the jurisdiction of our physical location. We are not responsible for any laws regarding Internet retail purchases and sales in other jurisdictions. It is up to the customer to be aware of any laws related to online retail purchasing.

If we suspect fraud or cybercrime on the part of any customer we will report it to all appropriate law enforcement agencies and will cooperate with any investigation that ensues.


Like most online retailers and other website, we do use cookies as people access and navigate through our site. You may disable cookies at your end, but to do so may impact your experience. You might consider enabling cookies for our site only.

Company Emails

We do notify our customers, via email, of promotions, discounts, and special pricing. If you do not welcome such emails, please follow the “unsubscribe” instructions included therein.

If you have any questions concerning this Disclaimer document, contact Customer Support for more explanation.