Money Back Guarantee

WritingKittens.com Money Back Policy

To give all of our customers the highest quality in service, we take great care in assigning the most qualified consultant to each order, monitor progress so that deadlines are met, and accept requests for revisions to a completed written work/project. While it is very rare that a customer requests a refund or that we provide a refund, there are circumstances in which full or partial refunds are awarded.

  • Customer Cancels an Order

If you need to cancel an order, we certainly understand. You should do so as soon as possible, however, because that will impact the amount of refund to which you are entitled. This amount always depends upon the progress on the order at the time you cancel.

  1. If you cancel an order before your consultant has been assigned, then you will receive a full refund. You may also place the amount of that refund as a credit to your account, toward a future order.
  2. If you and your consultant have already begun to work, then we are not able to provide a full refund. Depending upon how much work has been completed, we will determine a partial refund amount. Again, you can apply that amount to your account for a future order.
  • Duplicate Orders

While we almost always catch a duplicate order, on very rare occasions we do err. If you discover that you have been billed twice for the same order, please just email, screen shoot, or fax over the double billing evidence, and we will issue a full refund for the duplicate.

  • Consultant Not Available

Again, this is really rare, because we have such a large staff of professionals. However, we will never assign a consultant who is not fully qualified to any project, so if one is not available, we will inform you immediately and issue a full refund.

In the case of revision requests, if the original consultant is no longer available, we will provide an equally qualified professional for those. If we are unable to provide another qualified individual to work with you, we will provide a partial refund based upon the details of the revision request.

  • Missed Deadlines

We have close to a 100% success rate on meeting deadlines, but very rarely an emergency arises and a deadline is missed due to our fault. In such cases, you will receive a partial refund, usually by lowering the initial price to the deadline that we actually meet.

Please understand that if a deadline is missed because of any failure on your part to respond to us or your consultant, or to provide materials as requested, we cannot issue any refund for such tardiness.

If a customer changes a deadline date, our consultants will work hard to meet that new one. However, we cannot guarantee it and cannot issue a refund if the new deadline is not met.

  • A Customer is Dis-Satisfied with Quality

Because customers and their consultants work so closely, we do not experience requests for refunds based on dis-satisfaction with quality. Any dis-satisfaction is handled through our revision procedures until satisfaction is achieved.