Privacy Policy

WritingKittens.com Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform our customers of the types of information we collect, both anonymous and personal and exactly how we store, protect and use that information. Please read through this policy so that you understand exactly how your personal and financial information is held secure.

Anonymous Visitors to Our Site

We use analytics, just like any other retailer, to collect information on traffic that comes to and navigates through our site. This information is fully anonymous and aggregated, and we never attempt to collect identifying personal information on any visitor. The type of information collected is as follows:

  1. The browser a visitor is using
  2. The device a visitor is using (PC, tablet, phone)
  3. Time that a visitor spends on our site, pages visited, and the time spent on each of our pages.

We collect this information so that we are able to evaluate the usability and visitor experience using all browsers and devices. If we discover issues with browsers and/or devices, then we can fix them for future visitors. In general, the information is used to improve our site and the user experience. We also use data to determine such things as what percentage of visitors then become customers. This assists us as we improve our marketing strategies.

Visitors Who Request Information

Often, visitors to our site will request additional information about our services. When they do, they will obviously have to provide an email address so that we are able to send that information. We never ask requestors for any other personal or identifying information unless they willingly provide it such as leaving a phone number for us to return a call.

Information Collected from Customers

When an individual places an order for services from WritingKittens.com, that individual becomes a customer. All customers must provide certain personal information, including full name, email address and a valid telephone number. We require this information for the following purposes:

  1. We always send an order confirmation to the provided email address and ask that the customer review the order for accuracy. We also send a payment receipt to the provided email address.
  2. We ask for a telephone number in case there is an emergency and immediate contact is necessary. In most instances, contact will be through email or via the customer’s personal account page. However, if your consultant should require and immediate response to a question of if your bank requires additional information before processing a payment, we will call.
  3. We also use customer email addresses in order to send out information about discounts and special promotions, or for changes in policies or procedures. You may unsubscribe to these emails at any time, and the process to do so if provided on each email.

Protection of Customer Personal Information

As soon as a customer provides personal information, it is encrypted, in order to protect privacy. Each customer is assigned a customer ID number and staff only know this person by his/her first name and this customer number. Our encryption technology is state-of-the-art and we have never experienced a breach. We also guarantee that at no time, under any circumstances, will we ever sell, transfer, lease, or share any customer information with any other individual or entity. The one exception to this is a circumstance in which a law enforcement entity is investigating a fraud and it is our policy to cooperate with any such entity.

Customer Financial Information Protection

Customers are always concerned when they make online purchases using their credit/debit and/or banking information. We understand this and have taken every precaution and security measure that all major online retailers use. As soon as you move into the payment phase of your order, you are automatically directed to a third-party processor – the same processor that large retailers use. This processor has SSL certification to encrypt all of your financial information and to keep it secure during the payment process. Once the payment process is completed and confirmed, your information is wiped. At no time does any of our staff have access to your financial information.


If you should have any questions about our privacy procedures or if you need clarification on any part of this policy, you may contact our customer support desk, and they will be happy to assist you. Further, if you believe that your personal information has been compromised through a breach n our system, you need to notify us immediately. We have never had this happen, but we do want to know if you suspect it so that we may investigate. We regularly test our encryption technologies.

Links to Other Sites from Our Site

Sometimes, you may find links to other sites on our site. This is a result of reciprocal agreements with have with other related businesses. Please understand that if you should link to another site from our site, our privacy policy no longer protects you. We do not actively support any products or services that these businesses may be selling, nor do we vouch for the safety and security of information you provide to them. In short, you are on your own when you leave our site. We would encourage you to check the privacy policy on any site you visit whether from our site or not.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this policy, and it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any such changes by checking this policy periodically. We are not responsible for customer failure to know and understand this policy.