Revision Policy

WritingKittens.com Revision Policy

We are committed to full satisfaction on the part of our customers for all of the consultative writing services we provide. To this end, we carefully select and assign the most qualified professionals to work with each of our clients on the assignments and projects they have to complete. We also understand that satisfied clients return to us and recommend our services to others. This Revision Policy represents our commitment to our customers.

How to Request Revisions

When your consultant has completed his/her work for you, you will have a final product. We urge you to review your work carefully to ensure that it meets all of your expectations. If you discover anything that does not meet those expectations, we want you to let us know right away, so that we can fix any issues. You have two options for requesting revisions:

  1. You may message your consultant directly on your account page and give a detailed description of the revisions you want. There will be a button on your page to do this.
  2. You may message or otherwise contact the Customer Support Department with your revision request, again providing a very detailed description of the change(s) you want.
  3. Please Note: If you revision request represents a change in your initial order, you will need to contact Customer Support so that we can determine if any additional fee will apply.

We want to complete revisions as quickly as possible so that any deadline you have is not impacted. Please be certain to review everything as soon as your work with your consultant is completed. If you delay, then that deadline could be impacted.

Most Revisions are Free

The majority of revisions requests we receive are quite minor, because the customer and consultant have been working closely together on the project. These are conditions under which revisions will be free:

  1. If your consultant has failed to follow any instructions you have provided, via your order form, of course we will make those changes immediately. This is quite rare.
  2. If you want some structural changes to content, this is not a problem for us – just tell your consultant what to change.
  3. If you and your consultant mis-understood one another about some details, these can be easily and quickly remedied.
  4. If you would like a different consultant to work through the revisions, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Some Revisions Require an Additional Charge

  1. If, after the project is completed, you determine that there are some changes you want that alter the initial terms of your order, then we will have to charge an additional fee. Your consultant will be required to complete additional work, and s/he will need to be paid for that. We will take a look at the nature of the revisions and come up with a fair price.
  2. If you are requesting revisions because you made a mistake in your initial order and did not catch that error until now, again, additional charges will apply. Please let Customer Support know immediately so that we can analyze the depth of the changes and assess a cost.
  3. Please understand that we cannot authorize revision work until payment has been made.

Post-Delivery Revision Requests

If you have approved of a final draft and taken delivery, you will still have 7 days in which to request changes. For larger projects (20+) pages, you will have 14 days to make such requests.

If you wait past the deadlines, we will have to consider the request a new order. You will be asked to upload the final work along with your order, with a description of the changes you want. We will put you together with your consultant so that the two of you can work on these together.

Because our clients and their consultants work so closely, revision requests are quite rare. Still, we want our customers to know that their satisfaction is our most important goal.