Terms of Use

WritingKittens.com Terms of Use

This is a legal document that codifies all of the terms and conditions of use of the WritingKittens.com website, including the rights and responsibilities of both customers and the Company, as customers order consulting services from the Company. By using the services provided by Writingkittens.com (the Company), you agree to all of these terms of use.

Definitions of Terms

Customer = Anyone who places an order for consulting services from Writingkittens.com.

WritingKittens.com = The writing consulting company which offers services and from which customers purchases service. It will hereafter be referred to as the “Company.”

Order = The online completion of the form by a customer which requests services from the Company and for which the customer makes payment.

Legal Contract/Agreement

This document constitutes the entire agreement between a customer and the Company. It takes force when a customer places an order for writing services and no other agreements will be in force except for this document for as long as the customer remains a customer of the Company.

Customer Use of Company Provided Services

WritingKittens.com is a company that provides writing consultation services to its customers, as they need assistance in producing their own written works for any purpose. When a customer contracts for such services by completing an order form, the customer understands that such consulting services are for personal use only and that any products that may result from such services are also for personal use only. Any products that result from consulting services of the Company shall not be sold, transferred, or otherwise distributed to anyone else.

Legal Jurisdiction of WritingKittens.com

The Company is an incorporated entity under the laws of the jurisdiction in which its corporation reside. The Company is not responsible for knowledge of the laws of any jurisdictions in which its customers reside. It is the customer’s responsibility to make him/herself aware of any and all laws regarding retail purchases via the Internet in the jurisdiction within which s/he resides. The company shall not be liable for any customer violation of laws within his/her jurisdiction related to purchase of services from WritingKittens.com

Business Function of WritingKittens.com

The company provides writing consultation, advice, and other related services to its customers, as they place orders for such service. In order to provide these services, the Company maintains a professional staff of degreed and qualified consultants, editors, and customer service representatives.

Any products that result from the consultative services of the Company and/or its staff members are for customer personal use and customer activity which may be considered illegally or academically dishonest is not condoned or authorized by the Company. Therefore, the Company bears no responsibility for consequences that arise from misuse of said products.

Policies of WritingKittens.com

The Company publishes several policies by which the Customer is bound. It is the customer’s responsibility to review all of these policies and to understand them, for the customer shall be bound by them once an order for services is placed. The following policies should be read and reviewed:

  • Privacy: The Company takes all appropriate and state-of-the-art measures to protect the identities of its customers as well their personal and financial information. Ordering services from the Company is held in strict confidence. If a customer should have additional questions upon reading the Privacy Policy, they should be directed to the Customer Support Department.
  • Disclaimer: This policy outlines the specific responsibilities of both the company and the customer during all transactions with each other. It further lists circumstances under which the Company may not be held liable.
  • Plagiarism: The Company, in the course of providing consultative writing services will not condone, encourage, or support any type of plagiarism.
  • Revisions: The Company is committed to customer satisfaction with the services it provides and with the products that result from those services. It is committed to assist the customer with revisions to his/her writing until full satisfaction is achieved.
  • Refunds: Refunds for services rendered are rare; however, should a customer request a refund due to dis-satisfaction, the Company will thoroughly investigate the matter and make a decision.

Placement of an Order for Consultation

  1. The customer laces an order by completing the order form found on the Company website. All fields in this form must be completed so that the appropriate consultant can be located and assigned.
  2. Payment is expected at the time of order placement and occurs through a regular checkout procedure handled by a third-party SSL certified processor. The Company accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, e-checks and wire transfers. No consultant will be assigned until payment has been received.
  3. The customer will work directly with his/her consultant until services are no longer needed. During this time, it is the customer’s responsibility to respond to all consultant questions in a timely manner. If the customer fails to maintain communication with his/her consultant and the result is a delay in services, then the Company shall not be responsible for such delays.

Technical Issues

Occasionally, there may be issues with the Internet, with browsers and servers, with power outages, and so forth. These are beyond the control of the Company and the Company is therefore not liable for delays in service that may result.

Amendments to this Document or to Any Company Policies

The Company reserves the right to make changes to this document or to any of its published policies. When such changes occur, the Company will provide notification on its website. It is the customer’s responsibility to make him/herself aware of any such changes. All changes to this document or to policies become effective as soon as they are published, and customers are bound by them upon such publication.

Total Agreement

This document, along with all policies published on the Company website, constitute the entire agreement between the Company and its customers.